wind tunnel

wind tunnel
A tubelike structure or passage, sometimes continuous, which together with its adjuncts (such as a fan), produces a high-speed movement of air or other gas. Objects such as engines or aircraft, airfoils, rockets (or models of these objects), etc., are placed within it to investigate the airflow about them and the aerodynamic forces acting upon them. Tunnels are designated by the means used to produce the gas flow, as in hot-shot, arc, or blow-down tunnel; by the speed range, as in supersonic or hypersonic tunnel; or by the medium used, as in plasma or light gas tunnel.
Settling chamber straightens the airflow. The contraction cone takes a large volume of low-velocity air and reduces it to a small volume of high-velocity air without creating turbulence. The test section houses test articles and sensors. The diffuser slows down the airflow speed, drive section provides the force that causes the air to move through the wind tunnels. Normally, the drive section has a number of very large high-volume fans.

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